Not Your Traditional Holiday Card

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are looking for something beyond the traditional holiday card to mail out or a non-traditional card to  say thank you to teachers, employees, mail carrier, hairdresser, businesses we frequent, family and friends!   Personalized candy bar wrappers are a sweet and affordable way for just that!  Your holiday wrapper is a wonderful way to put your personal gratitude into words adding a small treat for them to eat.   You can express yourself by designing your own wrapper, add a company logo, or even a family photo.  They say a photo spoke speaks a 1000 words and family and friends will enjoy seeing how your family has changed over the year.  The back of the wrapper can be any special message or even left blank by us so you can add your own personal writing on each individual wrapper!


Holiday Wrapper from Favorite Announcements

Are your kids wanting to hand out small holiday gifts to their classmates?  Personalized candy bar wrappers are a fun and affordable treat.  Your kids will like nothing better than choosing their own whimsical design and adding a special holiday message to their classmates.  A class photo on the front of the wrapper will be a huge hit!

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