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It has been a while since my husband and I had been to the movies and especially seen a movie that left us both feeling really good inside!  42 is based on a true story about the baseball player, Jackie Robinson.  I’m sure there is a lot of “Hollywood” portrayed on screen, but the screenwriters did a wonderful job since it’s difficult to tell what was fabricated and what wasn’t.  The movie is about segregation, doing the right thing, and standing up for what is right.  The era is the 1940’s and 1950’s; however, the message sent is clearly one that can be taught today, to the young and old.

There is one scene in the movie that tore at my heart.  A father and young son are at the baseball stadium watching America’s most loved sport.  The dad, along with the rest of the crowd, starts chanting racial slurs to Jackie Robinson, who just wants to play ball.  The child is so excited to be spending time with his dad and at a baseball game, America’s favorite pastime, that he doesn’t know what to make of all the negative yelling!  You can tell by the look on the boy’s face that he doesn’t understand all of the taunting.  However, he joins in with his dad and the rest of the fans, even though he is very confused.

Even though the movie really isn’t about baseball, it will leave you feeling good about it, whether or not you were a baseball fan before watching the film.  During the movie, you may find yourself yelling out against discrimination and booing racism!  This is a must see film for all middle school and high school kids, which may help them understand the bullying that goes on in today’s schools is no different than what Jackie Robinson and other African Americans experienced not too long ago.  The movie reminded me that any fears I may have about taking a stand are none compared to those who are still discriminated against today.

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I, along with others in the sold out theatre, clapped when the movie ended.  Something I haven’t done in many years.  It left us feeling good inside and you could hear the movie chatter as people exited the theatre.  It’s definitely a movie worth seeing and even made me rekindle my love for baseball, which is now in full swing from Little League to the majors!   If you don’t get a chance to see “42” in theatres, definitely make sure you don’t miss it when it comes out on DVD!

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