Wedding Programs, not necessary, but a nice touch!

In reading the wedding forums, I have come across the question as to whether it is necessary to have a wedding program.  Our wedding was rather simple and took place in a park.  In this case, a program was not necessary.  However, my sister-in-law’s wedding was much more extravagant and did include a wedding program, and was a fun DIY project which we helped with.  A wedding program, such as the one we helped make, can be as simple as a DIY project with the use of a computer, a color printer and some decorative paper.  If you are not crafty or have time for a DIY project, wedding programs can be purchased from vendors such as Wedding Paper Divas or Zazzle.

Here are five great reasons to include a wedding program for your guests at your ceremony:

1.  To explain cultural traditions for those not familiar with them.
2.  To include acknowledgements, thank you messages or a poem with a special meaning.
3.  A program is a “time” keeper for your guests so they know what’s next during the ceremony.
4.  A wonderful way to introduce the bridal party
5.  A keepsake of your celebration and will look great in your wedding album or scrapbook!

Once you decide that you would like to have a wedding program, you can make it as easy as piece of paper folded in half, a fan for your  guests, or even have it printed on a water bottle for your guests to quench their thirst while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

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Here are some ideas on what can be included:

A Cover:  Include the couple’s name, the wedding date, a picture or design (this often goes along with the wedding theme)

Order of Events:  Include an order of events for the Ceremony itself and what will happen during the ceremony.  This is where you include the music and who will be singing if this will be part of your ceremony, the processional, the exchanging of vows, the presentation of the couple, etc.

The Wedding Party:  List the bridesmaids/groomsmen, the officiant, your parents, ushers, flower girls, ring bearer, etc.  It would be a good idea to include anyone who has a role in the ceremony.

Memorials:  If there is someone special who has passed, you can add a message about remembering them and being in your hearts.

Thank You:  Conclude the program with a “thank you” to those who supported you throughout your relationship and in your lives.

If your reception is in a separate location, the back of the program is a great place to include directions on how to get to the reception.  This will also ensure the programs are taken and not left behind!

Whether you have the budget or time to include a program is purely up to you and is by no means necessary, but a great way to add just another special touch to your special day!

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