Do I Really Need to Give Favors?

Wedding Favors, while not required, are a generous way of thanking your guests for celebrating with you. With the growth of the internet, and especially with all of the socializing on Pinterest, couples are getting very creative with their favors by creating boards devoted to party favors.

Couples are split on whether to give their guests favors, and it is often the last item on their “to do” list.  They want to provide their guests something useful, not something that will lie around.  As a party host, there is nothing worse than guests leaving behind the party favor and ending up with 50 koozies or coasters or, worse yet, guests feeling bad for throwing out the favors since they have no use for it.  When in doubt, it’s best to give something edible such as chocolate, honey, homemade jam or even candy!

By ordering through Favorite Announcements, you can be sure your guests will remember to take your favor home with them at the end of the night.  The chocolate bar may be a sweet treat on the ride home or the water bottle may just quench their thirst from all of the partying they did at your reception!  Either way, they will definitely recognize what a gracious, thoughtful couple you are!

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