How to Party Plan on the Go!

We recently went into a bookstore (yes, there are still a few brick and mortar stores with shelves of books around) to purchase a book to learn all about Pinterest and the latest craze.  I just didn’t get it nor understand it.  While paying for my purchase, the sales clerk said her daughter planned her whole wedding using Pinterest!  It confirmed my thoughts that there is something here, and I need to learn all about it!

Wedding and party planning can be a daunting process for even the most savvy planner.  I have learned that Pinterest, the latest social craze, is especially helpful for party planning!  I’m sure you have heard of it and may even be using it to show off your interests!  Pinterest has reformed party planning and made it something we can do using our smartphone from our kitchen table, waiting at the doctor’s office, and even our living room chair on our tablets while watching TV!

Brides and DIY party planners used to spend their time tearing oodles of photos and articles from magazines placing them in sectioned off binders.  Along came the internet and they went from magazine searches to searching the internet for party planning ideas and  bookmarking sites.  I don’t know how many sites I have lost track of on my computer or completely forgotten.  Pinterest makes it so all of your “ideas” are in one organized and easy to find space, so you no longer have to “hunt” down that great article you read or spend hours looking for that recipe for the upcoming office potluck that you know you have somewhere!

Blog Pin It

The first thing you will need to do is download the “Pin It” button to your toolbar, if you don’t already have it.  To do so, go to the following page: and follow the instructions to drag the “Pin It” button to your toolbar.   Once you add the “Pin It” button to your toolbar, which is very easy to do and only takes a minute, you can go to just about any website and “Pin” the graphics, photos, or recipes to one of your pin boards so you can reference it at a later time.

So, now we know what Pinterest is, how to download the “Pin It” button, and that it will make my party planning life so much easier, now what?  With graduation and wedding season upon us, let’s say I want to throw my BFF a shower or a graduation party for my son or daughter!  I want to get some ideas for different party favors.  So, I search the internet and find a cool idea for a personalized candy bar wrapper and another for a bottle label.  I want to remember this so I can come back to it later.  What now?  I click on the “Pin It” button I have already downloaded onto my toolbar.  A screen will appear with all of the pictures from this webpage.  This screen was captured from our website at Favorite Announcements.

Blog Website Favors Capture

First, choose which of the images you want to “pin” to your  pin-board, click on “Pin It”, and then (from the drop down menu) choose which of your  boards you  want to pin the image.  If you don’t already have a board (party favors, wedding, reception, or some other place where this pin will fit right in), you can create a new board!  Once the photo is pinned, there will be a link to the webpage where it can be found at a later date.   Pinterest automatically does this so you don’t need to do this (pretty cool, huh?!).   Be sure to add a “description” of the pin and any other comments or notes to yourself (“Cute idea for Jessica’s shower” or “Gotta remember for John’s graduation party!”)!

Blog Label Description Capture

Once you pin something that is interesting to you, your friends and followers can “like” your photos, comment on them, and even re-pin and share with THEIR followers from your virtual pin-board!  Whatever  upcoming party you are planning, make sure you organize your boards on Pinterest.  If planning a wedding, you can create a board for “flowers”, another for “dresses”, another for “shower ideas,” and another for “reception” etc.  Pinterest allows users to keep everything together in a neat and tidy space.  Consider it your virtual binder with virtual sections.  Check out how we have our Pinterest board organized to give you some ideas:  Favorite Announcements

Once you have collected ideas, or have your boards organized, you can go back and decide what “pins” or “ideas” you will use for your celebration.  Using Pinterest to party plan can make the whole process easier as well as provide some “Why didn’t I think of that” ideas?!  Party planning is just one way to use Pinterest  so when the next celebration or event is around the corner, you are equipped to be the “go to” expert!

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