The Ultimate Bathroom Emergency Kit for Parties and Receptions

We have all been to a party and had an emergency anywhere from a button popping on our dress, a run in our nylons, or a killer headache!  An amenity basket in the restroom will make most any misfortune skedaddle so your guests will feel more comfortable to enjoy the rest of the party!

Before purchasing a container to place the amenities, be sure to check out the available bathroom counter space at your venue.  Nothing would be more frustrating than to have everything ready to go and no space to place the toiletries.   If you do not have an appropriate basket already at home to use, you can purchase one at any craft store (Joanns or Michaels).   Be sure to check the Sunday paper as these often go on sale for 50% off!  If the basket is not already lined, it can be lined with some decorative fabric or cloth napkins; the outside of the basket can be decorated to match your theme with colored ribbon to spruce it up.

Adding a special touch to the “Ladies” room and “Mens” room bathroom doors is as easy as placing an 8”x10” photo of the bride as a child on the ladies room door and one of the groom on the men’s room door.   What a cute touch this will be to your party!


Photo Credit: Luminaire Foto via Pinterest

Be sure to add a framed note next to the basket so your guests know the amenities are for them to use.  The note can say something as simple as “These items are here for your convenience from the wedding couple.”  You can even add a poem so your guests know to help themselves to what is needed.

Blog Bathroom Sign

Printable Wedding Bathroom Basket Sign Available on Etsy by My Sentiments Invites by Liama

Be sure to check out the travel section at WalMart, Target, your local grocery store, etc as these are great places to find small bathroom amenities.  If you travel for work, hotels often have lotions, sewing kits, etc available for their guests.  Beauty supply stores and cosmetic counters often give out samples so you can ask if any are available next time you are at the store.

Here are some suggested items to include in your bathroom amenity kit:

– Aspirin, Tylenol, and/or Advil
  (Caution:  It’s not a good idea to leave medicine out if children will be present.  You could include a note in the basket to see the event planner or a designated person so the pills do not fall into the wrong hands.) 
– Eyedrops (will come in handy especially for photos or those with contacts!)
– Bandaids in assorted sizes  (great for blisters when dancing)
– Neosporin ointment (for those blisters)
– Tums
– Sunscreen (if outside)
– Benadryl (if outside during allergy season)
– Lip Balm
– Tissues

– Dental Floss or, better  yet, Individual Floss Picks
– Listerine Strips (more sanitary for multiple users than bottled mouth wash)

Beauty Products
– Nail File or Emory Board
– Clear Nailpolish (for runs in stockings)
– Nail Clippers

Feminine Products and Hygiene 
– Deodorant Spray (no one wants to share stick deodorant … ewww!)
– Tampons and Pantyliners
– Body Spray
– Hand Sanitizer

– Hair Spray
– Hair Bands/Elastics
– Bobby Pins
– Comb

Miscellaneous and Emergency Kits
– Static Cling Spray
– Febreeze
– Hand Lotion ( the bathroom soap can be very drying on your hands)
– Small Sewing Kit with Small Scissors (for loose buttons and quick fixes)
– Safety Pins
– Mosquito Repellant (if reception is outside)
– Tide-to-Go Pens
– Lint Roller

– Mints
– Chewing Gum

Last but not least, why not add some Chocolate in the form of snack size Kit Kat bars personalized with the couples name and wedding date or even a mini bottle of water for your guests to take on their way out!


Personalized Snack Size Kit Kat Bars and Personalized Bottle Labels from Favorite Announcementsthat are customzied to say “Compliments of…”

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