Boost Traffic at a Trade Show!

Trade shows, conventions, bridal fairs, or other large events are an opportunity to reach out to hundreds and possibly thousands of potential customers.  A booth with all of the glitz and glam is important since you want your booth to stand out from the rest.  A great way to draw a crowd is with a free giveaway or chachka.


Giveaways can be something as small as a piece of hard candy, a ball point pen with your business name and phone number, a pad of paper with your logo, or even a custom koozie.


A cutting edge giveaway will draw a crowd and prospective customers to your booth since everyone loves to receive free stuff!   The attendees will put everything in their bag, dump it out at home in a big pile, sort through the stuff they will use, and toss the rest.  An edible giveaway is sure to be a booth stopper since they can be consumed while perusing the fair.  Something edible or a bottle of water may even get the guest to come back for seconds and spark up a conversation with you!

Let’s face it ….walking around a convention hall tends to make us all hungry!  Handing out a snack size Kit Kat bar with a personalized wrapper from vendors such as Favorite Announcements with your logo, website and phone number is a quick and easy way to introduce your business.  Small items such as these are an affordable gift which can be handed out to everyone who stops by.  The patrons can eat the chocolate and save the wrapper with your business information to contact you in the future.


Fairgoers who spend more time in your booth, book a consultation, or order products or your services can be given a personalized thank you Hershey candy bar.  Those who attend shows are looking for ideas and want to connect with vendors.  Often they are looking for a fair discount or special.  The personalized wrapper can include a coupon code for a discount on a future order or services.  By providing your company logo with your website and even your Facebook page your company will be remembered for their sweet treats!


Want to hand out something besides chocolate?  A small bottle of water is another crowd pleaser since walking around a tradeshow can make anyone thirsty!  Providing a bottle of water with a personalized water bottle label with your business information will quench the visitor allowing them to spend time talking to you and learning about your product or services!


The attendees should be given something fun and whimsical that says you put some time into offering them a gift.  It is a thank you for stopping by your booth.  Make sure you have your branding on it for massive exposure so they will remember you in a sweet way!

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