Why Is Chocolate Linked to Valentine’s Day?

Got a passion for chocolate?  Valentine’s Day lovers love chocolate!  But, how and when did this all start and why chocolate?

Scientists have linked phenylethylamine, a chemical which is in chocolate, to feelings of excitement and pleasure.  Chocolate, being an aphrodisiac, is therefore associated with love and romance.  Others say it’s another gimmick the confectioners have come up with to get us to spend money after Christmas.

However, the tradition of giving decorative boxed chocolates for Valentine’s Day can be traced back to John and Richard Cadbury during the Victorian Era.  In 1861, Richard Cadbury, John Cadbury’s son, created the first heart-shaped candy box for Valentine’s Day and thus, the tradition of giving your Valentine chocolate heart shaped boxes started!

According to Nielsen, “an excess of 58 million pounds of chocolate candy will be sold during Valentine’s week,” and we “shell out somewhere around $345 million to satisfy our Valentine’s sweet tooth.”  Americans eat a lot of the sweet treat!

Whether giving a heart shaped box of chocolate, chocolate conversation hearts, a chocolate covered rose or a wrapped Hershey bar with a personalized wrapper from Favorite Announcements one thing we know…  Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go heart-in-hand!  


Personalized Valentine’s Day Hershey Bar Wrapper from Favorite Announcements

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