President Lincoln and Sweetheart Candies???

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the stores are stocked with small boxes of conversation hearts with “Be Mine,” “Call Me,” or “Miss You.”  Have you ever wondered where the Sweetheart Candies made by NECCO came from and how they have evolved over the years?


Photo from Necco

The heart shaped candy goes all the way back to when President Lincoln was president!  Hard to believe the heart shaped candy has been around for close to 150 years?!  Daniel Chase, the brother of NECCO’s founder, Oliver Chase, started the whole concept of printing short blurbs on candy.  The recipe has not changed over the years and includes sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, gums, coloring and flavoring.  The dough is mixed together, rolled out, and then the sayings are printed in a dark red ink with an old-fashioned print plate.

Each year, NECCO prints approximately 80 various sayings on their Sweetheart Candy.  Many of the original sayings from the early 1900s are still being used today:  “Be Mine, “Be Good,” “Be True” “Kiss Me” and “Sweet Talk.”  During the 1990’s, NECCO Vice President Walter Marshall decided to change with the times and retire some of the original sayings and replace them with new more modern ones.  Each year, 20 sayings are replaced with new ones suggested by adults as well as kids.  Some that you may have come across are “Email Me” “LOL” “Tweet Me” and “Text Me.”


To meet the demand for the candy during the Valentine’s season, NECCO produces the candies from late February through mid-January of the following year.  Can you believe that approximately 100,000 pounds of hearts are made per day and sell out in just six weeks!  Flavors currently include Tart Sweethearts, Chocolate Sweethearts and even Sugar-Free Sweethearts!  NECCO has recently launched a custom candy website, and customers are now able to go to and personalize their Sweethearts with colors as well as custom messages!  How cool is that?!


Valentine Cake Pops from Cake Pops Galore

We have all grown up eating Sweetheart Candies or using them for Valentine’s Day projects.  School age kids often handout the conversation hearts to their classmates, bakers and home cooks use them to decorate cakes, and they are even used for art projects.  It just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a box of Sweetheart Candies.

 A DIY frame by Simply Crafty

A DIY frame by Simply Crafty

If you are looking for something a little different for Valentine’s Day, why not hand out a personalized candy bar wrapper from Favorite Announcements with a photo of the conversation hearts sprinkled across the wrapper!  These sweet treats will make a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day surprise or even a Valentine’s Day wedding!

Valentie's Day Wrapper from Favorite Announcements

Valentine’s Day Wrapper from
Favorite Announcements



Perfect favor for Valentine’s Day
or even a Valetine’s Day Wedding!

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