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Game On!

The Super Bowl … the biggest sporting event of the year! In America it is considered a holiday – it even has it’s own name – Super Bowl Sunday! If you’re planning a Super Bowl party, …

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Why Is Chocolate Linked to Valentine’s Day?

Got a passion for chocolate? Valentine’s Day lovers love chocolate! But, how and when did this all start and why chocolate?

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An Easy Way to Save a Few Dollars …

Want to save some money? Purchase a stack of Forever Stamps since they are good, well, FOREVER, no matter how much ….

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President Lincoln and Sweetheart Candies???

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the stores are stocked with small boxes of conversation hearts with “Be Mine,” “Call Me,” or “Miss You.” Have you ever wondered where the Sweetheart Candies made by NECCO came from and how they have evolved over the years?

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And the 2013 Color of the Year is….

When I think of wedding colors, I think of shades of pink, plummy purple, and elegant black and white. I would have never thought that emerald green would be the wedding color for 2013?! I have discovered that emerald green adds a beautiful touch to any wedding ceremony or reception. …

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